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The United States’ immigration process can seem daunting and overly complex for individuals and employers. An experienced immigration lawyer can take on the legal burden while you focus on your future, your family and/or your business.

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    Competent and caring attorney

    Kim recently came to our rescue when our 18 year old son was involved in an incident that resulted in damage to another individuals property and criminal misdemeanor charges. Kim was positive, patient and confident in all of her communications with us. While she remained realistic about the issue and potential impact, she helped us to remain calm and positive. Ultimately she brought the issue to a positive resolve for all. I would recommend Kim to anyone looking for a competent and caring attorney.
  • Kanon

    Excellent Attorney

    Working with Kim Buhler was a great pleasure. Kim handled everything professionally and resourcefully and within a very specific time frame. All of my needs and wants were carefully heeded and met to my satisfaction. Not only was the situation handled professionally but it was also treated very graciously, which allowed me to become very comfortable and at-ease knowing that Kim would take care of me.
  • EDEM

    Outstanding Attorney

    Kim is simply a dynamic attorney who seeks to do all that lies in her power to help her clients. I can honestly say that she very carefully works at winning cases for all who hire her. She certainly helped me win my case.
  • Immigration client

    Highly recommended!

    My husband and I met with Kim back in December of 2013 right before Christmas. Just short of a month ago we had our immigration interview in SLC and my husband received his green card in the mail two weeks ago. This was a very foreign process for me and she made it so much easier. She walked me through all the steps and made me feel very confident that I would be able to complete the paperwork.
    Immigration client
  • Paul

    Simply the best attorney!!!

    Because of my work as Human Resources Manager, I have worked with several immigration attorneys over the years. All of that ended when I met Kim and her team! She is the only attorney I will use again. She is exact, and demands perfection and keeps her clients apprised of their status. She bends over backwards to help and to make sure everything is set - so the client will get approved. She is hands down the best immigration attorney I have ever worked with!
  • Rachel

    A lawyer that you can trust

    Kim helped me to get my H1b working VISA and she is very responsible along the whole process. When I am concerned about the processing time, she is patient and helpful to me. I can even call her on her cell phone when necessary. All of her assistants are nice too. Overall, she is someone that you can trust to represent you.
  • Russ

    Great immigration attorney

    I have used Kim Buhler on two occasions – 1) to help my company get an H1 visa to hire a foreign national from Uruguay and 2) to help a good friend from Ghana obtain a green card. On both occasions, Kim outlined everything we needed to complete the paperwork to qualify. She is very knowledgeable about immigration law and the tips and tricks needed to get the job done. She is also very passionate about her work. In the most recent case of filing for a green card, she wrote a letter to the state senator to petition his assistance to help my friend in the process. It was a brilliant move. Kim knows what to do. In both cases, we got the visas. She called me personally when needed to help the process along. I highly recommend Kim.
  • Jesse
    Kim is hands down the best immigration attorney around. I have engaged with different attorney's over years and I will not go anywhere else for immigration legal services. She is extremely knowledgeable, efficient, responsive and she cares about her clients. Her team is also just as dependable as she is. I highly recommend Kim and trust in her and her team.
  • Lehi
    Since the day I walked into the office I felt genuine interest from the lawyer to take my case and to know more about my situation, also I noticed that Kim had great interpersonal skills and was able to make everyone comfortable with the situation we were dealing with.
  • Slade
    Will recommend and use indefinitely. If you need a lawyer and want the most knowledgeable, capable, quality, caring, and friendly, you have found her. I never thought I'd write a positive review about a lawyer, but this is one exception for sure. Thanks Kim!
  • Yolanda
    I recommend this law firm for any immigration work. Kim Buhler is very professional, efficient, and genuinely cares for her clients. She is passionate about what she does and is very approachable. Her office staff is wonderful, they really care and know how to do their job. I contacted Kim Buhler to help with my brother and his family's immigration visa, which had been in the works for thirteen years! Kim and Laura, her assistant, knew what to do and how to do it and in a couple of months my brother and family had their interview with the American Embassy and their visas were approved. They really did a great job, and show that they care. It was a wonderful experience.
  • Lacey
    I am so thankful for Kim and all of the help she has given me. I don't know if I could have survived this immigration process without her. She really knows everything there is to know about immigration--the proper steps to take, how to file all of the paperwork, what to do if something unexpected happens in the process. After my husband and I first filed for my green card, we received our biometric services appointment in the mail, but somehow overlooked it as another receipt and missed the appointment. Thank heavens for Kim and her connections! She was able to schedule us another appointment within just a couple of days, with no harm done to our application. There was no question we would be using her assistance again after two years when we had to apply for my 10-year green card. It is so worth it for the peace of mind she gives with filing such important legal documents. I will only use Kim's services for any immigration needs. She is very good at what she does!
  • James
    My wife and I prepared as many documents as we could and in one appointment with Kim we felt confident to move along with the Green card application. I had my interview less than 90 days after submitting my packet. Kim was awesome and worth every penny.
  • Ben
    My company has been utilizing Kim and her team for many years for our immigration needs. I have worked with some attorneys who seem to be busy and have little time for our individual case needs. However Kim and her team have always made me feel like our case is the number one priority in her office. She is very detailed, will push you for all the right documents, and will make sure the company or person is informed on the progress of the case. I could not be happier or have more confidence in a firm than I have in Kim and her team.

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