Signs of an Inexperienced Immigration Attorney

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Signs of an Inexperienced Immigration Attorney

Immigration law can be a complex and detailed process, particularly for those who haven’t dealt with elements of it in the past. At Buhler Thomas Law, P.C., our immigration lawyers make it their mission to help walk you through all the steps of your immigration law needs.

Not all immigration law services are created equal, unfortunately, and many of our competitors lack our level of professionalism and expertise. Here are a few signs that you might be dealing with a bad immigration attorney.

Strangely Fast Quotes

Immigration law isn’t done by rote – every case is different, even cases related to the same law or group of laws. But for some reason, many immigration attorneys will often have a price quote ready for you within seconds of you asking your first question.

When this happens, you can be fairly certain this estimate will be wrong, or at least off in details. Issues may come up down the road that change rates, or the attorney may cut corners in preparing your case just to avoid charging you more and ruining their cost reputation. A real citizenship attorney will need time to review your situation before giving you a quote.

Guarantees of Approval

Any immigration attorney who gives you a 100 percent guarantee is likely not being honest. Guarantees simply just can’t often be given in this industry, and you need a lawyer who will be straightforward with you when your chances aren’t high.

No Contract

If your attorney takes money from you before agreeing to the terms of a specific representation contract, this is an immediate red flag. Your initial meeting should require no funds transferred beyond potentially a consultation fee, unless you and the attorney reach a written agreement for services.

Lack of Availability

Some larger firms may have senior attorneys who handle consultations and then hand off certain cases to associates, but once this is happened, you should always expect to remain in contact with your original attorney. Less experienced lawyers may take on too many cases or be totally unavailable at important times, or for long stretches at a time.

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